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YouShape offers physical training based on cutting edge scientific principles - combined with decades of experience - transformed to the optimal on various levels. Ranging from training for persons with lifestyle diseases, over training for anyone, who just wants to keep fit and look good, to training for professional competitive athletes and ambitious amateurs who want to achieve their optimal performance.
We train people who are dedicated to our training principles, whether you want to loose (or gain) a few pounds through your training and sport. So do not hesitate to contact us for more information about how we can help you improve your shape.


Training for athletes on a national/internatial level and for the ambitious amateurs


Training if you want to keep or improve your shape and maybe loose a couple of pounds


Training for people with lifestyle diseases like diabetes II, heartdisease, depression, cognitive diseases


Personal training based on scientific principles that empowers you to achieve your goals within your training capacity


Training for corporate executives who want to use physical activity to improve the mental and physical shape of their management or employees 


Try climbing Mont Ventoux with world class pro-cyclists, or run in Kenya with the greatest runners of the world – we travel and train all over the world and creat individual solutions for your group


Muscle contractions is the absolute best you can do for your body if you want to achieve good health, well being, good shape or are a competitive athlete. From a few to many, from slow contractions to fast and from little to maximal force. Physical exercise and training, however, is much more than the actual meaning of the term “physical”.

It has a profound impact on our existence as whole, human beings. You are your body with heart and brain - muscle contractions is what creates the connection. Hans Søndergaard, founder of YouShape


Our methods can be described very simple - THE BEST FOR YOU!

Of course they are based on cutting edge science - combined with decades of accumulated experience from working with world class athletes. We fit our methods especially to your personal goals and possibilities - taking into account your available time to train, your talent and your mental state.

We design your training to be efficient from a best dose respons point of view if you are a competitive athlete. If you have other needs - like suffering from a lifestyle disease - we set up a time efficient training schedulae that is not necessarily as hard and intensive as with professionals.

You will find us very tolerant and pragmatic with our methods - as long as you will reach the mutually agreed goals. Efficient training is simple with primary and fundamental exercises. The real challenge is often to actually go to the gym and do the exercises - and keep doing them.

We will keep you on track.


I grew up in country as part of a family in nearly constant movement. It could be after physical work in the fields or forest or in the evening and weekends, where all the family members were active participants in gymnastics, athletics or ball games. I was encouraged to participate in all the sports I liked, which was about any sport I could lay my hands on. We were self supplied with food, which we farmed in our fields or got from the cattle that walked the areas around our farm. This was normal at that time.

It only felt obvious that I should attend an education in Exercise Physiology at the University after high school, and after my first degree I moved to Spain and worked as a physical trainer. This allowed me to pursue some of my passions - climbing and surfing - in northern part of Spain. After a couple of years I returned back to Copenhagen to the August Krogh Institute to finish my Master.

Fortunately at the same time as Professor Bengt Saltin - the worlds leading exercise physiologist - founded the Copenhagen Muscle Research Center (CMRC). Even more fortunately, I was recruited by Saltin to be part of his research team.The first of may - considered to be the greatest high altitude research expedition at the time - went to Chacaltay in Bolivia.

For more than a decade I was a part of research group at CMRC. Saltin attracted the most talented researchers from all over the world to Copenhagen. The practical experiments at the Center, with daily muscle biopsies and blood samples from trained and untrained persons, was the cornerstone of knowledge that led to the groups high number of important, international publications.

After the first Chacaltaya expedition I did 11 expeditions to Kenya - with Saltin and Henrik Larsen - researching the physiology of the Kenyan runners. We seem to have solved the secret behind the Kenyans unique running abilities. Superior running efficiency due mainly to thin lower legs. We also did a string of Greenland Expeditions to study how the Inuit lifestyle, exercise and diet, impacted on their physical health - particularly with regards to type II diabetes on the original hunters. During most of this period I trained hard personally and worked as a trainer. Both on an individual level and as a consultant for the Danish Defence working primarily with the Special Forces.

In 2009 I established Youshape - together with an American and a Danish physician. We focus on physical training and Exercise as Medicine, and we are proud to declare ourselves frontrunners in this field. We use exercise in connection with life style diseases as treatment and prophylactic in our Youshape clinics. Apart from that we use all our accumulated knowledge and experience to train athletes and high level executives from various parts of the world.


YouShape was founded by Hans Søndergaard (cand.scient.phys) and Kenneth Smith ( in 2009. Over the years we have secured a long number of partners who take part in our various activities. Here you can meet a few of them.

Hans Søndergaard

Hans Søndergaard

Founder/CEO/Cand.scient.phys View Details
Kenneth Smith

Kenneth Smith

Co-Founder / Dr.Med. View Details
Michael Kastrupsen

Michael Kastrupsen

Head of Marketing View Details
Hans Søndergaard

Hans Søndergaard


• Master Science in exercise and sports physiology from Copenhagen University
• During more than 15 year at Copenhagen Muscle research Center with research in muscle and cardiovascular reaction to physical training with special focus on physical test and maximal oxygen uptake. Special area also include research in Kenyan runners and adaptation to high altitude.
• Adviser in physical training for the Danish Defense and Danish special forces.
• Adviser and trainer for athletes in strength training, running and cycling from untrained to Olympic level.
• During the last years, worked with CEO’s optimal physical conditioning through cycle training combined with strength training.

Kenneth Smith

Kenneth Smith

Co-Founder / Dr.Med.

• Doctor of medicine from Copenhagen University
• Practicing as a specialist in general medicine for 10 years and using exercise as medicine in his practice.
• Member of the Norwegian academy of sports medicine and currently training to become a Norwegian sports medical physician.

• During the last years worked closely with Hans Søndergaard as a medical consultant for youshape.

Michael Kastrupsen

Michael Kastrupsen

Head of Marketing

Michael Kastrupsen is an entrepreneur and communication strategist. He has worked with a large number of international companies with regards to communication. He has been part of many start ups and takes care of marketing of Youshape.


We have a lot of experience with regards to training professional athletes and top executives. If you want to inquire about our references please contact us at hans(at)

Get in touch with us!

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information about our services.